Tannen Helmers

I realized I wasn’t going to be a mathematician when I couldn’t get through math class in high school without littering all of my papers with doodles. I taught myself how to draw when I was in elementary school, and photoshop in high school before I learned to use a camera. I learned html and css in 2001 so that I could make my designs work online. I learned basic php coding and WordPress in 2009 for its ease of deployment. I have used it as my choice “bootstrap” on nearly every project since. I very often have multiple Adobe programs open on my laptop for days on end; and I take way to many pictures of clouds and wall textures with my iPhone; and I sometimes have to be reminded to eat when I am engrossed in a project. I have designed everything from banners and invitations to WordPress sites and html emails to T-shirts and fabric lines. It is what I do for fun; and designing, drawing and photography is what I do when I have some time to myself, but also sometimes when I should be doing something else.

  • wordpress 85%
  • css 80%
  • html 76%
  • photo-editing/retouching 99%
  • design 80%

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